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Our speciality

Sustainable development

That's the heart of our business and what leads us. We want to supply the thought and the knowledge on this topic, but also be on the initiative of future projects that answer to environmental challenges.

Hmm. You want some examples?
Energy, climate, circular economy, pollution, biodiversity, waste management, transportation and others.

Development economics

Development issues are inevitably linked to sustainable development issues. We offer general analysis with adjustment according to environmental stakes.

International cooperation

As you can see, international relations are our second specialty. You have an international project? We are here to help to manage your project.

our tools

All right, but how do we do to answer to your needs?

Economic analysis

Of course, we adapt our analysis according to the subject. We can realise economic analysis, quantitative analysis, data analysis. We can also provide an overview of specific topic by going through the economic literature. In general, we seek to provide you a more complete vision of the topics as well as solutions' proposals.

It's not all about economics! Each topic involved many disciplines, all interconnected. Our answer only can be rigorous if we take a multidisciplinary approach. And that's our method!

Project management

Depending on your needs, we can design, initiate, follow, coordinate a project or all that at once!

And now?

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